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A delegation from Shenzhen University Investment Bank visited Topraysolar to visit and exchangeRelease date:2021-03-05

On the morning of December 19, 2020, Shenzhen University Investment Bank and Shenzhen Shenzhen University Longgang Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (operating and managing Shenzhen University Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund) founder Zhang Zhaoxi, alumni association teacher Yanhui He, and teacher Wang Jun organized 47 alumni Visited Shenzhen Topray Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Topray Solar") for visits and exchanges. General Manager Yang Guoqiang (Shenzhen University 1994 alumni) and Deputy General Manager Chen Jiahao (Shenzhen University 2012 alumni) received the welcome.

General Manager Yang Guoqiang said that the visit event organized by Touri New Energy provides a communication platform for everyone, and hopes to carry out more profound and horizontal activities in the future, introduce new energy to everyone from the perspective of photovoltaics, and explore the value of new energy photovoltaics. Mr. Yang mentioned that President Xi pointed out that he plans to reach the peak of carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. This is to determine the development path of new energy from the highest level. The trend of green energy to replace traditional energy in the future is irreversible. He also shared the management philosophy of the company's sustainable development by Chairman Chen of Tori Xinneng and the company's mental journey as the first listed photovoltaic stock in mainland China to choose the mainland instead of overseas.

Subsequently, Deputy General Manager Chen Jiahao gave an in-depth introduction to the detailed situation of the entire industrial chain layout of Touri New Energy and the competitive advantages of each business segment, and mentioned that photovoltaic glass, the most popular segment of photovoltaics, is the company’s third largest The source of business income, the company will continue to expand its investment in this industry.

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