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FAQS Platform

Details: Extension of the new office to the Secretary of the Board reserves the final interpretation of the contents of this page。

This section only answers the stock market investor problem。

The reply provided in this forum is derived from the actual situation of the Company, the information disclosed by the Company or the analysis of the office of the Secretary of the Board. The Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Company guarantees the authenticity of the statement but does not bear any liability arising from the misunderstanding of the investors.

The information contained in this section is subject to disclosure and is subject to disclosure by the Company in the event of any conflict with the information disclosed by the Company.

The statements and opinions contained in the responses to this section do not constitute any judgment or recommendation by the Company on the performance of the securities market, the Company's shares and the Company's performance. Investors shall bear the results of such investment.

In addition to the mailbox questions set up through this section, you can also fax or telephone consultation. Tel: 0755-29680031,29680258
Fax: 0755-29680300

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