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        • 产品名称: 100W Solar Home Power Kit
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        (1)Grid independent Solar power supply kit for family who has trouble with electricity.
        (2)Complete with solar panel, and smart power unit
        (3)USB output for mobile phone and tablet available
        (4)DC 12V output for LED light bulbs
        (5)Built-in inverter to power household appliances
        (6)Easy to use, no installation needed


        Technical detail

        Solar panel

        Max. Power

        100W (+/- 5%)

        Working voltage


        Working current

        5.5A  (+/- 5%)


        AM 1.5, 1000W/m2, 25 degree C

        Power unit

        charge controller

        Max. PV charging:   @ 10A, 25V

        over-charge protection @ 15.5V±0.3V

        over-discharge protection @ 10.7V±0.4V

        Overload protection

        LED voltage display


        Constant power @ 500Watt Max

        Modified Sineware

        Output voltage @ 220V 50Hz

        Low voltage + over voltage protection available

        Efficiency no less than 85%


        Lead-acid maintenance free rechargeable battery

        Rated voltage @ 12V

        Capacity @  80Ah


        USB 1.0 A  + USB 2.1A   X 1

        DC 12V output  X 4

        AC 220V output X 2