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JOIN US! Extension of the new employment to all sectors of excellence!

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(Rio Extension to the new headquarters) warmly welcome all the excellence together to expand the new green energy to develop new win-win situation. Interested parties please contact extension to the new Zongjing Ban Director Wu Jun silver.
First, web design (recruitment: 1)
(A) job responsibilities
1. Proficient in Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaer, illustator, etc .;
2. Familiar with Html, css, JavaScript;
3. Have experience in interface design, familiar with website development process; have strong sense of graphic design and good art foundation, aesthetic ability and innovation consciousness, strong sense of color;
4. Good learning ability, communication and comprehension ability, can withstand greater work pressure;
5. Have a good sense of teamwork, patience, sincerity, a strong sense of responsibility and a proactive work attitude;
6. Please enclose your resume with your resume.
(B) the job requirements
1. Have a high artistic design ability and art foundation, have a certain planning ability, rich design cases and successful works;
2. Proficient in all kinds of web pages and art applications, including Photoshop, Coreldraw, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks;
3. Innovative sense, sense of responsibility, enterprising spirit and team spirit, as soon as possible to adapt to the work environment.
Second, the market planning (recruitment: 1)
(A) job responsibilities
1. To master the development trend of market demand, product development and marketing support, as well as joint marketing activities with partners, planning portfolio marketing;
2. Is responsible for the company's advertising and other external publicity copy, the implementation of effective public relations means of propaganda products;
3. to find and analyze market opportunities, integration of resources, develop marketing activities program, and organize the implementation of product promotion and marketing;
4. Responsible for corporate and product branding copy of the planning, creativity, writing and implementation;
5. Plan and organize the implementation of various market research activities, analysis of industry trends and related industries, identify opportunities and threats to the development of the industry, and organize research and analysis of strategic projects to explore market needs and changes, and complete the relevant Feasibility report;
6. Responsible for a variety of promotional materials, product brochures, sales support materials, advertising planning case, the brand promotion programs have to write and planning;
7. Responsible for the planning and implementation of large-scale conference marketing, product listing conference, special salon, channel summit, exhibition and other activities.
8. To enterprises and product brand planning rationalization proposals to help higher levels of leadership and relevant departments to develop brand strategy.
(B) the job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or advertising, 2 + years working experience in planning and planning, preferably in energy industry.
2. Have excellent planning ability, proposal production and presentation ability, familiar with the market, brand, advertising, marketing and other planning and copy;
3. Skill requirements: keen market insight, independent development of the market's marketing strategy, planning, product development work, good at writing activity planning program;
4. Strong writing skills, independent writing soft paper, complete all kinds of activities, creative planning, program writing, advertising, writing activities such as planning case;
5. With the new media network to promote the ability.
Third, the project director (recruitment: 1)
(A) job responsibilities
1. Project declaration and document writing
(1) government support projects, policy documents, industry information collection;
(2) Write and fill in government project documents; Write survey reports and pre-feasibility study reports on new industries and technologies;
(3) to write all kinds of reporting documents, more formal instruments;
(4) to assist the project acceptance.
2. Patent application
(1) patent writing and application;
(2) the company's existing authorized patent protection, including patent renewals.
3. Project test
The company's various products and project operation test, and issued the relevant test report.
Other work
(1) to participate in government and industry survey, visit reception, conferences and training;
(2) cooperative research, travel, etc .;
(3) technical, administrative, publicity, bidding and other aspects of the work.
(B) the job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, science and engineering related professional, with basic knowledge of physical chemistry and strong logical thinking ability;
2. Experience in government projects or work experience in PV industry is preferred;
3. Familiar with OFFICE, photoshop, CAD and other software applications, with more than six months of text editing experience;
4. Have external communication and coordination.
Fourth, foreign trade sales executives (recruitment: 1)
(A) job responsibilities
1. Independent development of new customers, the maintenance of old customers, in time with the company to maintain communication between the various departments;
2. Attention to customer trends and procurement plans at any time to understand the customer's purchase channels to ensure product promotion;
3. Deal with customer relations, improve customer profiles, optimize customer base;
4. Pay close attention to delivery time and supervision of product quality issues;
5. Overseas exhibitors to collect customer information;
6. Independent development of the market strength and experience.
(B) the job requirements
1.3 years and above experience in foreign trade is preferred;
2.TEM-8 or CET-6, excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, can quickly and proficiently write business English letters, spoken good;
3. Proficient in foreign trade process, able to grasp from the customer to find the final pay a single tax refund process;
4. Strong sense of responsibility, high personal independence.
Fifth, the account collection Commissioner (recruitment: 2)
(A) job responsibilities
1. Responsible for the different levels of risk overdue customers to carry out telephone collection work;
2. For different customer default, to ensure that the collection effect;
3. Combining the problems found in daily collection work and operational experience, put forward the optimization of operational procedures for collection work;
4. To actively participate in internal activities, effective play to their strengths, for the team building plans;
5. To complete the other business assigned by the leadership.
(B) the job requirements
1. Good character, strong sense of responsibility, hard work, hard-working, good team spirit;
2. More than one year dunning experience;
3. Communication, negotiation ability, good at dealing with the outside world;
4. Compressive ability, adapt to travel.
6, the network administrator (recruitment: 1)
(A) job responsibilities
1. To determine the network security and resource sharing strategy; comprehensive planning of the company's IP distribution strategy, responsible for the company's network IP address allocation;
2. Maintain and manage public network entities such as servers, switches, hubs, routers, firewalls, gateways, patch panels, network cables, and connectors;
3. Responsible for the installation, maintenance, adjustment and updating of the server and network software;
4. Responsible for network account management, resource allocation, data security and system security;
5. Participate in the network watch, monitor the network operation, adjust the network parameters, scheduling network resources, maintain the network completely, stable and smooth;
6. Responsible for the computer system backup and network data backup, responsible for the computer network data collation and archiving;
7. To complete other tasks assigned by the competent leadership.
(B) the job requirements
1. College education, computer, communications and other related professional;
2.3 years of network administrator experience;
Familiar with common server equipment, with fault diagnosis and processing capabilities;
4. Proficiency in Windows / Linux / UNIX operating system management, maintenance;
5. Familiar with the main system software (WebLogicTomcatApache) installation, configuration and maintenance techniques;
6. Have good professional ethics and work attitude, good at communication.
7, copy planning (recruitment: 1)
(A) job responsibilities
1. Responsible for all the advertising text and corporate promotional soft copy of the text, composition, editing work;
2. Responsible for the central task of publicity and key projects, the relevant copy planning;
3. Participate in the construction and development of the company, the company's advertising rationalization proposals;
4. Responsible for the collection and analysis of data collection, pre-market research and analysis of the writing of the report;
5. Responsible for the company's news reports written text, as well as art website, news upload, update the site maintenance management;
6. Responsible for online content editing platform, the product intuitive, emotional, attractive description;
7. Cooperate with the marketing department of the company, do the marketing plan and the feasibility report writing well;
8. Responsible for the establishment of corporate image, publicity, maintenance and upgrading;
9. Organize the collection of competitors' advertising promotions;
10. Responsible for the introduction and implementation of the terminal promotion program, responsible for the promotion of the results are summarized and assessed;
(B) the job requirements
1. Age between 25-35 years old, college education;
At least 2 years working experience, solid background in copywriting, graphic design and planning experience, experience in new energy related is preferred;
3. Have a good learning and innovative ability;
4. Love and dedication, excellent execution.
Eight, the buyer (recruitment: 1)
(A) job responsibilities
1. To implement the company's quality policy, objectives and the management system;
2.Responsible for market research, to provide suppliers in line with company requirements list, the establishment of qualified supplier files;
3. Familiar with the market conditions and purchase channels, adhere to the "shop around, than the quality of parity, choose the best purchase" principle of the purchase, and strive to reduce the purchase cost, strict quality control to prevent the inflow of counterfeit and shoddy goods;
4. Implementation of the inquiry, parity, bargaining system, efforts to reduce procurement costs;
5. Be responsible for the whole process of business negotiation, purchasing progress, quality inspection, etc., and complete the procurement task on time to ensure the normal sales of stores;
6. To summarize and analyze the procurement business, and provide purchasing reports to the management when necessary;
7. Responsible for the management of suppliers, maintain healthy and good business cooperation with suppliers; assist the company to deal with various disputes with suppliers. Market survey, dynamic information collection, sorting, timely reporting, in order to timely adjust the procurement strategy;
8. With the procurement of abnormal suppliers, Returns, compensation matters, to ensure that the interests of our company;
9. To strengthen communication and contact with suppliers to ensure adequate supply, quality and stable supply, delivery time and accurate;
10. Purchasing staff to communicate with each other, mutual support, to create a good team spirit.
11. To be law-abiding, impartial, selfless, honest and self-disciplined professional ethics, to be honest and modest, due diligence, continuous learning business knowledge, improve the professionalism of the ability to work;
12. Do the interests of the company as the most important thing, do not claim a rebate, do not accept rebates and gifts suppliers, to comply with the buyer's professional ethics;
13. Timely completion of other tasks assigned by the superior.
(B) the job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in supply chain management, 3-5 years purchasing experience;
2. Chikunailao, practical work hard, strong execution.
9, the domestic market manager (recruitment: 1)
(A) job responsibilities
1. In the company during the work, is mainly responsible for the company's product sales promotion and sales management;
2. Through various channels, access to new customer information and business information, follow up the progress of new projects;
3. Development of new customers, responsible for product sales in the customer tracking, negotiation, public relations and the whole process of signing;
4. To do a good job analysis of the completion of sales, the preparation of sales plans and the preparation of customer orders for goods to do a new market feasibility analysis and development reports;
5. To visit the customer tracking engineers, procurement and other competent person in charge of public relations activities to promote customer choice in the use of our products Division I;
6. Responsible for negotiating with customers, signing sales contract, negotiating product price, delivery date and other terms;
7. To fulfill, manage the contract and coordinate the handling of other market problems, emergency treatment of customer product quality on-site complaints and other emergencies;
8. After the customer orders, arrange the sales assistant to follow up the contract, coordinate the production line to arrange the production, warehouse delivery and other matters;
9. Recovering sales proceeds by sales contract;
10. To assist the company's technology department on the product update and improve the work to provide valuable improvements.

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